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Tel.: +420 601 354 333
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Prodejna (maloobchod):
Jaromírova 3, Praha 2
Po - Pá: 11:00 - 19:00
So: 14:00 - 18:00


Pálení čarodejnic

Karnevalové kostýmy pro děti

Karnevalové kostýmy pro dospělé

Doplňky ke kostýmům

Karnevalové masky

Klobouky a čelenky




Párty doplňky

Havajská párty

Halloweenské kostýmy a doplňky

Mikuláš, Santa Claus, čerti, andělé

Rozlučka se svobodou

Originální dárky

Textil s potiskem

Srandičky a žertíky

Sportovní vybavení pro fanoušky

Carnival shop

Carnival costumes, accessories and other party supplies under one roof!

Looking for a pirate hat, fake blood, Marilyn Monroe wig, venetian mask or a beard for Santa Claus? Our carnival store is the right place for you. 

In our carnival store you can find all different kinds of costumes for women, men and even for kids. We store a huge amount of costume accessories such as wigs, face paints, venetian and latex masks, contact lenses, stockings, fake eye lashes, crazy hats, funny glasses and so much more. 

Besides, we offer a wide selection of party decorations. With our fantastic range of garlands, balloons and all different kinds of party supplies you will be sure to brighten up any event or themed party, such as birthdays, ladies nights, Halloween or Christmas parties. Whether it’s celebratory or themed, our vast selection will blow your mind.

Contact us or pop in to our store for more details.